User Data Overview


BallotReady will provide you with individual and aggregate user data for your site.
Aggregate Data

For Ballot and Turnout Engines, we use Google Analytics to power a User Data Dashboard with aggregated user data, including controls for time frame, location, and other demographic information. You can view a sample Ballot and Turnout Engine User Data Dashboard here

We also provide dashboards for Endorsement Engines, and Recruitment Engines.

The dashboard contains information on site usage, user demographics, and aggregate user behavior. 

You can access your User Data Dashboard by logging into CivicEngine, our admin dashboard, and navigating to the Analytics tab.

Individual User Data
We also provide user data at an individual level through clickstream. This currently shows essentially every action a user takes on your vote by mail engine, and will eventually encapsulate every tool. Individual user data can be integrated through a number of CRM services, S3 buckets hosted by your organization, or we can share clickstream as a daily CSV in a google drive. 

For instructions on how to request an integration, view our guides in this folder.

For an explanation of each column and value in clickstream, check out our User Data Dictionary.

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